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“…Come on this journey with me so we can heal, grow and dream a little bigger together.” ~ Tiffany

When I was 6 years old I dreamed of hitting the stage and dazzling the world just like the one and only Jerrica Benton, more widely known as Jem! At the time I had no idea that my siGrade 2nging voice was, let’s just say, unlikely to bring me fame and fortune. Luckily by the time I reached second grade I matured and moved on from my dreams of stardom, finding my very own hologram posse and rocking the stage with pink hair.

It all started with a shiny new gold coin introduced into the Canadian market and a class assignment from Mrs. Church at Rothesay Elementary school in 1987. The assignment: write a story about the life of a loonie. I got lost in the story, received an excellent grade and was praised by dear Mrs. Church and just like that my love for writing was born. By 7th grade my love for writing continued and becoming an author & publishing a book made its way on my bucket list in a class assignment at Forest Hills Junior High!

I love how the innocence of childhood allows for us to dream so big. How we just want and believe we can have whatever’s in our hearts. The world has yet to tell us no. The world has yet to limit what we think is possible and tell us to be realistic with our hopes and dreams. We don’t even think about how likely it is to become a pop icon because we dream without boundaries.

Over the last few years I’ve been trying to get back to that child like wonder. I’ve been trying to figure out what I loved before the world told me no. Bit by bit I’ve been expanding my world, finding my voice and dreaming a little bigger. I’ve opened myself up to new possibilities and starting seeing the world through my own lens. I started a Facebook group in 2016 to share my passion for writing, personal development and motivation. I started dipping my toes outside my comfort zone little by little. Since then I feel like I’ve become a new person. Now after losing my son Braedon in May this year, I’m reminded of how precious life is every single day. I’ve always had this desire to inspire and move others but now after losing him so quickly I feel a true calling to let his light shine through me. To connect with others, share my message and encourage all of you to dream without boundaries, become your most powerful self and truly live during your time here on earth. I hope you will come on this journey with me so we can heal, grow and dream a little bigger together. Welcome to my blog friends ❤


Love & Light



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