When you Pursue your Dreams

When you pursue your dreams. When you hang in their day in and day out and take consistent effort to make your dreams a reality, amazing things start to happen. Little by little things in your life will start to align. It won’t be easy. It won’t happen overnight. It will require work. It will require effort.  It will require sacrifice. It will require you to stretch yourself, to grow, to adapt, to step far outside your comfort zone and to learn new skills.

In the midst of your journey though, in the midst of your struggle, your hard work and all your efforts things will start to shift around you. The universe will open up and make way for you. Your energy will serge, you will be stronger than ever, and you will shine in a way you never did before. I can feel this happening as I take steps daily to be brave with my life, to pursue my dreams and to truly live during my time here on earth.

I can see this happening for others as well and I am so inspired as I watch in awe of the many amazing woman I am privileged to know. There is nothing like watching someone I know will their dreams to life.

Check out this awesome photo of Amanda Hanson from simplySTYLISH, Inc..

amanda hanson

Amanda has been working on her dreams to not only to style woman but to help woman feel amazing in their clothes, increase their confidence and love themselves a little more exactly as they are. She’s been doing the work, showing up consistently and making sacrifices in her life for her dreams. Now check her out looking stunning in yellow in this ad for The Shoe Company! Yes, The Shoe Company. They reached out to her. They wanted her to wear their shoes and send in her photos. This is a partnership Amanda hadn’t even previously thought of but here she is showing us what’s possible when we keep showing up to pursue our dreams.  When we do the work even when it’s hard. Even when we want to quit and think we don’t know what we’re doing. When keep on putting one foot in front of the other and taking steps big or small everyday to live the life we’ve dreamed off!

I loved hearing about Amanda’s success. To me, it represents hope. It shows what each and everyone of us are capable of if we just keep going. Thank you, Amanda, for showing us what’s possible & Congratulations on this inspiring partnership!

Find out more about Simply Stylish and how Amanda can help you feel amazing in your clothes and love the yourself a little more! Don’t forget to follow her on Facebook too!


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