Sister- Get back up

To all my sisters. To all my friends. To all of you. To anyone who is filled with doubt or thinks they can’t. To anyone who is parlayed by fear or thinks they’re not strong enough, smart enough or talented enough.

You are capable of aGreen door picnything. Your STRENGTH has no bounds. You my dear sister are a POWERFUL FORCE capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for.

You deserve more from this life. You were not put on this fine earth to merely survive. You were not meant to just get by. You were meant for greatness. You were meant to live a life you love. You were meant to do more, be more and live more.

I urge you to decide. I urge you to decide right now. Decide that you can. Decide that you will. Decide that you are worth it. Decide to be brave with your life. Decide to start. Decide to take that first step no matter how big or small.

Sister – Get back up. Crawl if have too. Get off the floor. Stand up. Stand tall.

Decide right now that you are worth it & believe it with every fiber of your being.

You can do anything no matter your age or your circumstance. No matter how lost or broken you feel. Even if you’re afraid. Even if you have doubts.

You can do anything; if you decide.



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