Screw Your Comfort Zone: Wake up to your Life!

Over the course of 13 days I said screw it to my comfort zone. I stretched myself, pushed myself and committed to being brave. I spoke even when my voice trembled, even when I thought I would fall over and even when I was afraid to be seen.

I stood to speak about losing my son Braedon and creating the foundation before 130 people at Be the Balance Retreat. I was interviewed for the first time on a Facebook Live show with Marcel Petitpas from Master Mindset, I spoke on CBC’s Morning Radio show and I hosted my first ever large fundraising event for almost 130 people this past weekend.

I did this through heart ache, despair and unimaginable grief.  I did them so that I could share The Braedon Foundation with even more people, so we can bring a little happiness to even more kids. I did these things so that I could continue to share Braedon with the world and keep his light shining bright. I did these things because I want to be brave with my life. I did these things because I have a message to share with the world and I believe everyone needs to hear it.

I want you to wake up to your life. I want you to be brave. I want you to truly live during your time here on earth. Life is fleeting; tomorrow is never guaranteed. Start living the life you’ve always wanted to; today. Start doing the things you keep putting off; today. Jump outside your comfort zone and start living your life; today. Speak even when your voice is shaking and stand up even when you’re afraid.

For reasons I will never be able to understand or accept Braedon was called home but the rest of us are still here. We had the divine privilege of waking up to live another day. I think one of the greatest ways I can honor Braedon and you can honor those you’ve lost is to truly live, to not take life for granted and to become what we loved most about those we lost. This is why I am so committed to being brave with my life because I want to be #bravelikebraedon.


SoulShine - COLOR-01bravelikebraedon

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