100 Brave Things Project!

brave mug picI talk a lot about being brave but it’s not just talking. I am embracing it and choosing to be more and more brave with my life every day. This year I even chose brave as my word of the year. If you follow me, you likely know a little bit about why being brave is so close to heart and what it means to me.

Why Being Brave is Important

mom and B hospitalWhat sits heavily on my heart is this overwhelming urge and need to be more like Braedon. This kid was incredibly brave facing his second life threatening illness in his short 18 years here on earth and he did it with grace and courage far beyond his years. The minute my eyes open in the morning, I think of him. For some reason he is gone, and I am still here. While I’ll never be able understand that when I wake up, I tell myself that I will honor him with my life. I won’t take a moment of the precious time I’ve been gifted for granted. I won’t let the darkness swallow me up. I won’t sit on the sidelines and watch life pass me by. I won’t quite my voice when others get uncomfortable. I won’t back down. I won’t stop picking myself up off the floor no matter how many times I fall. I won’t play small. I won’t stop showing up, putting in the effort and taking steps forward. I won’t give up. I won’t stop working to become the absolute best version of me and I won’t stop pushing you to do the same. In the words of Rachel Hollis, you were made for more!

Braedon’s passing continues to remind me how fleeting life can be. The ache in my heart reminds me to be brave. It pushes me out of bed when I don’t know if I can stand. It forces me to put one foot in front of the other. It forces me to keep moving, to keep breathing, to keep living and to keep fighting for my dreams.

I can’t help but think of how he lived. I think of how he wasn’t afraid to try new things, how he pursued things he was passionate about and he didn’t get caught up on what could go wrong. He wholeheartedly pursued the things that he loved. He was a big dreamer and wasn’t afraid to admit it.

My Brave Project!

We never know what tomorrow, next week, or the next year will bring which is why it’s so important to wake up and start truly living! I am on a mission to live like Braedon lived and I want you to do the same. I don’t want to keep living the same year again and again. I don’t want to be afraid to try new things or worry too much about what could go wrong. I want to be BRAVE and I want you to be BRAVE too!bravelikebraedon

After thinking about this and stepping into my bravery more and more what finally landed on my heart was this idea for a brave project!! Time to flex my bravery muscles because I’ve committed to doing 100 Brave things!  I’m going to be to take small steps, big steps and even leaps and bounds out of my comfort zone! I’m going to be so freaking brave you will are going to want to be brave too. I will do big things, little things and maybe even a few crazy things! I hope you will too and if you do don’t forget to tell me about it! You could be featured on this blog!

Stay tuned for more details and more updates on what I’m up to in my brave project! Have an idea for me? I’d love to hear it! tiffanydagnew@gmail.com

Here’s what I’ve done so far!

  1. Committed to The Brave Project
  2. Held a Lizard and Let one Sit on my Head
  3. Went to a hot tub Party
  4. Admitted some of my Big Hair Audacious Goals to the Whole Internet
  5. Continuing to Motivate and Empower others throughout my Grief Journey
  6. Applied to Two Speaker Events
  7. Launched my First Inspirational Project (more to come)
  8. Posted videos on Instagram
  9. Launched Motivational Monday Video Series on FB
  10. Started a new Business to Fund my Dreams & asked for Help


Some things Coming up:

June: Repelling Over the Edge of the Hilton in Saint John. You can HELP!

August: Hiking the Fundy Foot Path, want to join me? 

Have an idea you think I should do? Want to do something brave with me? tiffanydagnew@gmail.com

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