I’m afraid, are you?

Are you Afraid of Heights?

lizard dominican 2019How would you feel about going over the edge and rappelling down the Hilton in Saint John? I’m terrified of heights but this year I decided that I was going to step into my bravery. I’m going to get comfortable not just stepping but jumping and leaping outside my comfort zone! I’m learning to be more intentional; I’m doing things I’ve always wanted to do. Some are big like rappelling down the side of the Hilton and some are much smaller like holding a lizard and letting one sit on my head! You see, being brave has become a very important initiative in my life. It’s been a year now since I lost the bravest person I ever knew; my son Braedon and I want to live like he did.

Jumping In

He started ball hockey having the wear a protective brace around his entire mid section to protect his enlarged spleen. A doctor at the regional hospital invented this specially for him! Even though it slowed him down and made it harder for him to get around he still showed up. He jumped into hockey before he knew how to skate. He didn’t care when he fell again and again, he just kept trying. He took up lacrosse in high school despite having never picked up a stick before and not even knowing the rules; he said they’d teach him. He started a YouTube channel and wanted to be an online gamer. He didn’t worry about what others might think. He took chances, jumped in and he dreamed do big.

It’s not that he was never afraid that made him brave…

It’s that he showed up in life despite being afraid, despite being uncomfortable. He didB at computer the same thing when he got sick. He was afraid but honestly who wouldn’t be. I was afraid too. The thing is he showed up anyway. He didn’t lay around crying everyday or constantly dwelling on what could go wrong. He had many physical limitations due to his extremely low oxygen levels. Simple everyday activities like brushing his teeth, bathing and even standing caused his oxygen levels to plummet even with oxygen supplementation. He still looked for the good in every day and he still found reasons to smile. He focused on what he could do and luckily for him he could still play his beloved video games.


#bravelikebraedon #100bravethingsproject

I want to live my life like that. When I fall and my face is in the dirt, I want to keep getting up again and again like he did on the ice. I want to keep showing up even when I’m afraid. I want to try new things without knowing how they’ll turn out. I want to embrace failure and fear. I took on the 100 Brave Things Project because I want to push myself to the outer limits of my comfort zone. No scratch that I want to obliterate my comfort zone. I want to go all in on this game of life. I want to be #bravelikebraedon. I don’t want to keep living the same year over and over saying I’ll do that someday. That’s why I’m going over the edge! Am I afraid? Yes 100%. Terrified is more accurate but fear has guided me for far to long! I’m doing it.bravelikebraedon

Over the edge is a fundraiser for KV Oasis Center. I’m fundraising $1000.00 so I can go over the edge. Click here to sponsor me!

XO Tiffany

brave mug pic

Ask Yourself!

Are you being brave with your life?

Is fear holding you back?

Are you living the same year over and over again?

Are you sleep walking through life?

Are you truly living?

Are you telling yourself when the kids are older, when I have more time, when the timing is better; SOMEDAY?

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