# 1 Tip to get Your Beach Body: It’s not What you Think!

This past Christmas we were blessed to receive the most wonderful gift from my in-laws; a vacation with the whole family. We were headed for some fun in the sun in the Dominican Republic. Since the trip involved 22 people spread across 4 generations, we new about it far in advance. We had to decide where to go, pick and agree on a resort and my husband and other family members also needed to arrange to have the time off work.

^^^Seriously…what a bunch of BS ^^^

We’ve Been Told our whole Lives to Change

Like I’ve done many times before as soon as I found out I was going on vacation I started processing how much weight I could lose before I hit the beach. I know so many of you can relate and have likely found yourself in this exact scenario on multiple occasions over the years. We’ve been told our whole lives’ that we need to do X, Y or Z in order to get our beach body! Get a beach body in 21 days, Top Exercises to Sculpt Your Best Beach Body, 7 Sensational Ways to get a Beach Body in two Weeks! These are real titles I found in a quick google search. The reality is with summer sneaking up on us there are likely many struggling with this right now.

The Vicious Cycle of Unrealistic Goal Setting

Like I did when I started planning for this vacation, you are probably setting unrealistic goals and trying to figure out how you can drop as many pounds as possible before having to put on your swim suit or even your shorts. You’re trying to figure out how you can be beach body ready; I get it, I understand how easy it is to get fixated on our weight. I’ve done this for years and not just for vacations. Weddings, birthdays, holidays, any occasion really. This year, on this vacation I decided no more!

Unrealistic Goal Setting

When we arrived at the Dominican, I hadn’t lost the obscured amount of weight I said I would. I did lose some though and was feeling a bit better, but it was a fraction of what I set out to lose. Normally I would have beaten myself up the entire week. I would have felt bad about myself every time I got dressed and planned how hardcore I would diet when I got home but this time, I consciously decided that I wasn’t going to do this. I reminded myself that nobody really cared how I looked in a bathing suit; most of them were too focused with how they looked to be worried about me. I reminded myself that I am already enough and that my value was tied up in my weight. As I looked around the beach, I saw so many different bodies. Some bigger, some smaller, some with jiggle, some with muscles, some tall, some short, some with big boobs, some with tiny boobs, some with freckled skin, some without. The one thing they all had in common, they were all beach body ready!

# 1 Tip to get Your Beach Body!!!!

Purchase a bathing suit, bikini or beach outfit of your choice, put in on your body and head to the beach! You are beach body ready exactly as you are today; it’s a mindset, it’s a choice. That doesn’t mean you can’t also have goals, want to get healthier or stronger it just means that today as you are, you are already enough. You don’t need to hide or feel shame. You don’t need cover up. You can show up as you are with your head held high!

XO Tiffany Agnew

Founder, Motivator, Speaker, Mentor, Blogger & Sunshine Maker

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