The Privilege of Growing Older!

Happy Birthday to me! I turned 39 years young yesterday…

And I not ashamed to shout it from the rooftops. I was at an event last night and one of the speakers included her age in her bio and the MC commented about how brave she was for putting her age out there; like we’re supposed to be embarrassed to admit our age. I remember being afraid to get older too; like many others I wanted to stay young forever. We don’t think about it because we’re bombarded with messages telling us that growing older is a problem to be solved. The truth is age is actually fairly subjective. To a kid, I’m likely pretty old. To my mom, I’m still a baby. To someone who’s 90 my mom is still a baby. We are told from a young age though that growing old is the enemy and companies pray on our fears by offering us products to hide our wrinkles, lift our eyelids and brighten our skin tone. The list goes on and on.


One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned…

though is that growing old is a privilege that not everyone gets to experience in their lifetime. I’ve had to wake up 399 days in a row, to a world my son is no longer a part of. He will never graduate high school, get his license, get married or have children and he’ll definitely never experience the privilege of growing old. He’ll never see a laugh line or a wrinkle. He’ll never grow gray hairs, go bald or be a grandpa. He’ll be young forever, but you can see, being young forever comes at a cost that is just too high. Keep in mind the alternative to growing old is dying young. Of course, you don’t have to endure wrinkles and fragile bones, but you also miss out on great loves, travel, finding out who you really are and what set’s your heart on fire.

So, I am celebrating…

The fact that I saw another birthday. I am celebrating yet another day that I’ve been gifted here on earth. Another day older, is another day I get to follow my dreams, spend time with my family, connect with others, make an impact and see the world. Another day is a chance to make the most of my life. Another day is opportunity to love, grow and be of service. Another day is hope for a future where I get to continue to experience the divine privilege of growing older. Another day older is the greatest gift one can receive; don’t take it for granted, don’t waste it complaining about aging. Embrace it friends, feel grateful for every single day. Honour the journey. Count your blessings and remember the alternative to growing old is dying young.

XO Tiffany

Every day older is another day blessed with the gift of time!

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