5 Ways to get More out of Life!

Get More out of Life

Be Present. So many of us are struggling with this one. We’re living in a fast paced world and we barely have time to slow down and focus on the present moment. We’re so connected it’s hard to focus on what’s happening right now and be completely present in what we’re doing, the conversation we’re having or the big goal we want to work on. If you’re struggling in this area practice working on mindfulness or take up mediation. 

Adopt a Gratitude Practice. Gratitude turns what you have into enough. Research shows that gratitude can actually improve your overall well being; it can increase resilience and improve your relationships. The list of benefits goes on and on. Seriously get out your journal and write out five or ten things you’re grateful for; it will improve your life. I like to write them in the morning and just mentally review them in the evening when I get into bed. 

Move your Body. If you’ve been around for a while. You’ve probably heard me say this at least once. Exercise will literally improve every area of your life. You need to move more. We were made to move. I recommend getting 30 minutes every day! That’s been my goal this year. Today will be day 31 of 2020. I’m ready to really commit to this important habit. 

Stop Worrying about What others will Think. What anyone else thinks of you, your goals, your choices is none of your business. What matters is what you think of you. Are you happy with your progress, your choices, your results? No? Well than create the changes necessary to get yourself there. You do you and don’t worry about the rest. 

Definitely out of my comfort zone here!

Get out of your Comfort Zone! Seriously though, you’ve heard it before, all the magic happens just outside your comfort zone. Guess what? It’s true. Ever since I started pushing the bounds of my comfort zone and stretching myself I’ve been able to achieve bigger and bigger goals. I’ve made deeper and more meaningful connections and I’ve created a deeper impact. I cannot stress this one enough. Stretch yourself. Dare to dream!

XO Tiffany

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Embrace your BRAVE Live

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