39,944 Cigarettes Not Smoked: How I finally Cured Myself after almost 2 Decades!

I’m Cured! Butting out for Good

Earlier this month I celebrated my 8 year smoke-i-versary! Eight freaking years since I finally made one of the toughest habits to kick a thing of the past. After many failed attempts over almost 2 decades of smoking I quit smoking for good.  Not only did I quit, I cured myself…but I’ll get back to that. 

I’m estimating that at approximately 12 cigarettes a day over years I saved myself from the dangerous effects of 39,944 cigarettes!!! Can you imagine??? 1398 packs! At today’s prices, approximately $20,970!

I quit many times before this stuck. While statistics vary greatly on this, some suggest the average smoker will make 30 attempts before making it stick. I have no doubts that I probably quit at least that many times over the years. I quit the entire time I was pregnant with my son Braedon and another time I quit for two years. 

So what was the difference between all those other times and last time? The time that it actually stuck. What stands out the most, is that this is the only time I was cured. Funny thing to say right. Nobody talks about being cured from smoking but I believe it’s a thing. 

This idea dawned on me after I had a dream one night. I don’t remember much about the dream except for someone asking me if I had an extra smoke; to which I replied back I don’t smoke. I woke up feeling like I really did it, I kicked this nasty habit to the curb and I won. When I first quit smoking I actually dreamed of cigarettes. I know this probably sounds nuts especially if you don’t smoke but it’s true. My dreams would consist entirely of me smoking one cigarette after another and using one lite butt to light up the next. 

I’m no expert, just a regular gal who finally released the grip cigarettes had over me. Here’s what worked for me:

  1. Burn the Boats & Close the Window for Good: All of the previous times I so called quit (with the exception of when I was preggers) I had all of these special exceptions. So if I was having a drink, really upset, hanging around with Pam (who smoked) then I would allow myself to have a ciggy. This is not quitting- this is just smoking less often. Eight years ago I squashed this and decided that I was done with smoking forever. No. Exceptions. Window closed. 
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  • Ask yourself: Are you willing to burn the boat? Are you ready to close the window and lock it? 
  1. Attach Your Goal to Your Identity: I didn’t even realize this until probably the last year when I was doing research about reaching and achieving goals. I read about this idea and immediately knew that I had done that with smoking. I wanted to be a good role model for my son, family and friends. I wanted to be healthy and fit. I wanted to be vibrant and to me smoking wasn’t a part of that picture. 
  • Ask yourself: How do you want to be? How is smoking impacting that vision? 
  1. Education: Of course we all know the dangers of smoking. We’ve seen the warnings on the packages and well, we’re not idiots. I took education a step further though. Before I actually quit I started reading articles daily on the impacts of smoking. I read stuff online. I watched YouTube videos. I read statistics on all the diseases I was potentially increasing my chances of getting and I spent time thinking about how that could impact my family especially my son Braedon. I know it probably sounds a bit morbid but it helped light a fire under my ass. Thinking about all the pain I could potentially cause my loved ones to experience.   
  • Ask yourself: Are you willing to read every detail about what you are doing to your health? Are you willing to think about the potential consequences the people you love most could have to endure? 
  1. Mindset: Even when I quit for two years before I always wanted to smoke. I’d be really upset and think it would be so nice if I could have smoke right now. I’d see someone smoke in a movie and think oh they are so lucky. I’d walk through a cloud of smoke coming out of the mall and breath in as much as I could! I know nasty right. This time I changed my attitude. I started thinking I’m so lucky to be able to choose my health. I’m so blessed to breath clean air (well at least not smoke filled). I am going to get to live longer. I will have more energy. I will finally stop coughing all the time. 
  • Ask yourself: Are you willing to look at all that you will gain and forget about the rest? 
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So why do I say I’m cured? I don’t ever want a cigarette. I don’t even get a craving. Some people quit for decades but they aren’t cured; they still want to smoke. They still feel like they’re being deprived. Me? I don’t even smoke in my dreams! You can do this. If there is anyway I can help, please reach out.

XO Tiffany

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