Make this your Best Year Yet!!

This was the training I delivered last night inside, Embrace your BRAVE Tribe; my online group membership.

You guys, I loved every minute of it; my soul was in awe. I loved prepping and preparing for this live coaching session. I loved connecting with these amazing women who have literally helped bring one of my big dreams to life by putting their faith and belief in me. They saw the value I’ve been creating and become part of my BRAVE Tribe as founding members. I cannot thank you ladies enough.

I’m so excited to finally be doing work that I love. Work that I feel can make a real difference in the world. Work that lights me up and I can get lost in.

There will Always be Naysayers

To be completely real though; too peal back the layers and bring you into the depths of my world. There are still people that don’t believe in me, my dreams or my vision. There are people who think this is non-sense, many who pay no attention or even acknowledge what I do as work and some that think I should get real job. It can be crushing. Every jab an injury to my already fragile heart.

I’ve come to realize though, that while having everyone believe would be amazing it’s not necessary. I don’t need approval from anyone but me. The truth is nobody but me can understand the feelings deep within me. Nobody feels the overwhelming pull in my soul, that I feel to walk this path.

The Right Path

Nobody feels the way I do when I get a message from someone that says, you inspired me to go back to school and get GED. You helped me quit smoking. You helped me through postpartum depression. You helped me through the loss of my father. You helped me feel like taking time to grieve was ok and normal. You inspired me to start a new career. You help remind me to cherish the time I have with my kids. You help me feel less alone.

I know I’m on the right path in my life. I know I’m walking towards something bigger. Something special and beautiful. I know the work I’m doing matters.

Don’t let anyone in your life tell you what you are capable of or how big your dreams can be. You my friend are capable of amazing things. You are fierce and powerful beyond your wildness dreams.

Tips for making this your best year yet!best year

  1. Evaluate the first half of your year. What are you proud of? What didn’t go as planned? Where can you improve?
  2. Get clear on how you want to feel by the end of the year- write it down!
  3. Write out your goals for the next 3 months.
  4. Set monthly and weekly goals based on your 3 month goals.
  5. Don’t listen to the naysayers.
  6. Review your goals daily.
  7. Reevaluate and start over after this quarter over.

Interested in Embrace your BRAVE Tribe?? Get on the wait list here! 

XO Tiffany

Cover Photo Credit: Sherry Brown Photography


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