You are Responsible for your DASH!!

You and only you are responsible for your dash!!! 

I heard that on a podcast and shivers crawled up my back and down my arms. Wow. 

So what is this dash I’m referring too? It’s the one that will follow your birthday after you pass; it will separate the date of your birth from the date of your passing and tell the story of your life. 

The dash will represent everything that happens in between those two dates; the good, the bad, the heartbreaking, the breathtaking. Everything. It will represent the mark you make on your family and friends, your community and quite possibly the world. 

So I ask you, what do you want your dash to say?

On A Living Spree – Make The Dash Count

What story do you want it to tell?

  • Do you want it to tell a story of bravery and courage?
  • Do you want to know that your dash was everything you could have possibly made it be?
  • Do you want it to tell a sad story about fear and disappointment?
  • How you were too afraid to try.
  • How you never found the time to do the things you always wanted to do?
  • How you worried too much about what others would think so you never went after your goals or dreams?
  • How you lived your entire life inside the safety of your comfort zone?
  • How you never had the courage to stand up on your own two feet and know wholeheartedly and lean into the idea that…

“…you were made for more” (Rachel Hollis).

How to Make the most of your

DASH Ideas!!!

  1. Keep pushing towards your biggest goals and dreams. Take action. Now. Right now. Seriously. Make. It. Happen.
  2. Show up as your most authentic self.
  3. Be curious about life.
  4. Turn off the tv. Say goodbye to Netflix binges night after night.
  5. Show up scared.
  6. Stop living on the sideline of your own life- Get in the game.
  7. Stop worrying about what anyone else will think about you.
  8. Stop waiting for permission from others.
  9. Make today count.
  10. Fall in love with taking care of yourself. 

Believe in the possibilities in the world around you and know that you are worthy of a big beautiful amazing life.

“Make your dash dance” (Lisa Nichols)

What do you want your dash to say about you and the life you lived? What story do you want it to tell? Share your answers in the comments below!

XO Tiffany

PS check out the dash poem!!! Always loved this.

Pin by Louetta Sieber on Poetic***ArT | Words, Grief quotes ...

If you need a little help setting up your dash plan I’d be delighted to chat! Contact me at TIFFANYDAGNEW@GMAIL.COM to schedule your free Make your Dash Dance Consultation anytime this month!

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