What you Need to Know About the Powerful ways Gratitude can Change your Life!

In some of the worst, most heart wrenching moments of my life, gratitude was there for me.  Gratitude actually saved me.

It helped pull me from my pain.  It brought me back into the beautiful memories that made up my son Braedon’s life. It helped remind me that although my beautiful boy’s life was short, it was a good life.  A great life even.  A beautiful life mostly.

When my heart was aching more than I thought I could bear, I’d pick up my journal and write these words to soothe, calm and shift into an attitude of gratitude:

  • I’m grateful that out of all the possible Momma’s, he chose me
  • I’m grateful for the amazing 18 years we enjoyed together
  • I’m grateful that he was by my side to escort me down the aisle on my wedding day
  • I’m grateful we got to see parts of the world together

I’d start out sobbing but end up smiling even through the tears as I relived our most precious moments together.

An Attitude of Gratitude Makes a Difference

When times are challenging (and when aren’t they…but lately we seem a little stretched) it’s important to slow down and take the time to focus on all the amazing things in our lives we have to be grateful for.

Like the first sip of your first cup of coffee on an early summer morning while sitting on your patio.  Next time you do this…take a moment to savour how amazing that very moment is.  Actually hear – and register – the beauty of the song bird’s song, the cheerful laughter of the kids playing a few houses down. 

Funny enough, I don’t even drink coffee and I appreciate the beauty of that moment for you.

How do you think your mood, your outlook & mindset would improve with a gratitude practice?

Studies show that practicing gratitude can even rewire your brain for positivity!  How amazing is that?

Recognizing and being consciously aware of those moments of gratitude tells your brain to release more dopamine and serotonin – yay – more natural happy drugs for you.  Can’t purchase that stuff anywhere – we have to manufacture it for ourselves and we can train ourselves to be happier when we practice gratitude.

10 Incredible Benefits of Practicing Gratitude!!

  • Can reduce feelings of depression
  • Can instill feelings of joy from the inside out
  • Can reduce physical and emotional pain
  • Can Improve sleep quality
  • Can reduce stress levels
  • Can improve physical health
  • Can enhance feelings of empathy
  • Can foster resiliency
  • Can help you overcome trauma
  • Can alleviate feelings of anxiety

I know hearing all those benefits has you excited to get started on a gratitude practice of your own…and guess what?  It’s super simple.

All You Need

A Pen or Pencil, a journal/notepad/any piece of paper will do.  That’s it!  Oh…and the intention to shift into the space of being more appreciative of where you are in your life – and all that’s helped you get there.

To Make It Extra Fun (Optional)

Stickers.  Coloured Gel Pens.  Highlighters or Markers. 

What To Do

It’s so simple.  Open up your new journal or get out your notepad and start writing.  Think of 5-10 things that you’re grateful for in your life or that happened in the last 24 hours of your life. 

Write them down.

Recognize their value. 

Sit in every moment for a minute or two as you’re writing. Slow your breathing.  Focus on taking deeper breaths in through your nose and out your mouth while letting those feelings of pure gratitude wash over you.

Even negative things that’ve happened to you can be recognized for the lessons you’ve learned. 

Even when we’re lost in the dark or feeling hopeless, gratitude can act as a guiding light to remind us of the beauty found in the ordinary moments that cumulatively make up our lives. 

Even through trauma, loss and hardships we can find beauty in moments and experiences.

Even when we’ve experienced the unimaginable.

Until next time, Be BRAVE with your ONE life.

XO Tiffany

Your Turn Now:

I’d love to hear from you!

  • Do you have a gratitude practice or do you plan on implementing one?
  • If so, how has your gratitude practice made a difference for you?
  • If not, what are you hoping a new gratitude practice will bring for you?

Leave your comments below and share your thoughts!

About the Author: Tiffany Agnew is a writer, speaker and empowerment coach on a mission to help more women to be brave enough to chase their wildest dreams and bring their greatest visions to life. She’s the founder of The Braedon Foundation, Embrace your BRAVE Club, Embrace your BRAVE Tribe & Embrace your BRAVE Live coming in 2021. 

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