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Why Book Tiffany Agnew?

Tiffany Agnew delivers awe-inspiring and life-changing insight on how to rise even through unimaginable loss and adversity. Break through fears and beliefs that have prevented you from living the life you dream of. Transform your mind and your struggles and become who you want to be no matter what challenges you’ve faced or are facing, no matter what loss you are dealing or how many times you’ve failed or fallen down!

  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Resilience
  • Mindset & Attitude
  • Grief, loss, depression
  • Bravery


“We don’t always get to choose what happens to us in life, but Tiffany Agnew strongly believes that we always get to choose how we respond

Are you looking for someone to help you re-frame your mindset, learn resilience or heal from unimaginable loss, heart break or challenges?

Although Tiffany Agnew has been studying personal development, going to all the seminars, taking courses and reading all the books for over a decade she only began her personal development journey in early 2016. She started stepping outside her comfort zone one teeny tiny step at at time. She had barely scratched the surface of her journey when she lost her teenage son Braedon, just 4 months after his 18th Birthday and 5 months after he exhibited his very first symptom of Hepatopulmonary Syndrome.

Through heartbreak, pain, grief, depression and PTSD Tiffany decided early on that she would not further the tragedy of Braedon’s passing by letting it destroy her. With years of study behind her she knew that she could choose. She new that how she responded, how she let this loss shape her was her choice. It wasn’t an easy choice. Continuing to live after he passed remains the hardest thing she does on a day to day basis. 

She didn’t just survive though. One month of his passing she started working on The Braedon Foundation; which she created in Braedon’s memory. The foundation brings happiness to children in New Brunswick who are facing life-threatening illnesses by giving them a Happy Heart Bedroom Makeover or a Happy Heart Shopping Spree.

Soon after that she decided that she would honour Braedon with her life. To her that means she will not take for granted what was taken from Braedon; the gift of time. Although she’d been sharing her love for personal development online since 2016 she recommitted on a new level. She was determined to share her message and to remind others how fleeting life can.

“We only have one life to live and the truth is we never know how long we have. Why not commit to becoming the greatest and bravest versions of ourselves.”


What Others are Saying

“Your courage makes you shine so brightly even in your darkest time, Tiff. I admire you so much and I am inspired by you. You are going to change a lot of lives by sharing your story and your light.~Andrea Cyr, Author

“The way you write and describe your thoughts and emotion is powerful! It is incredible to see your bravery and passion to help others.” ~Whitly Jane, Speaker & Coach

“Powerful words Tiffany! I’m honoured to do whatever we can together to help you share your powerful voice and story with the world.” ~Mark Black, Speaker and Author

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